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We nurture the specific male needs in an all natural way.

  • For better prostate function, choose ALPHA.*
  • When the father instinct calls, take PAPA.*
  • For a healthy bladder trust FREE.*
  • If a low libido and potency disturbs you, SEX is here to help.*
  • Slow down ageing with YOLO.*
*The results that can be accomplpished with the products listed below depend on the combination with appropriate diet, healthy way of living, appropriate physical activity and overal care for the body. The above-mentioned benefits and effects from using the products listed below may vary from person to person and other external factors.
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POWER Strength, endurance, speed

Regular Price: €17.12

Special Price €6.85

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    Faster, stronger, winner.

  • Vitamins and amino acid complex
  • Assists fast recovery after demanding workouts.*
  • For sports that need targeted power, endurance and speed.
  • Creates a proper environment for muscle tissue growth and regeneration.*
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ALPHA 100% Prostate function support

Regular Price: €15.83

Special Price €12.00

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    For а healthy prostate.

  • Positively affect the functions of the prostate.*
  • Helps urinary tract disorders and improves micturition.*
  • Helps regulate difficult and frequent urination.*
  • Strong antibacterial action.
  • Nurture protection of the body against infectious diseases.*
  • Good in preventing prostate enlargement.*
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HEALTH Natural wellness formula

Regular Price: €15.29

Special Price €12.16

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    Live a healthy life.

  • Cell reproduction and virus protection booster.
  • All-natural immune system strengthener that helps increase the resistance of the body.*
  • Helps the production of antibodies.*
  • All vitamins important for growth, vitality and good physical condition are included.
  • Favorable effect on the mood, nervous system and brain activity. *
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FREE Natural support for the urinary tract

Regular Price: €16.72

Special Price €15.05

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    Feel the pleasure again.

  • Alkaline balance and antibacterial effect formula.
  • Affects diseases of the urinary system.*
  • Enhances the dissolution of kidney stones.*
  • Useful for people with conditions associated with the acidic pH of the blood and the urine.
  • Diabetics friendly.
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CURCUMA Natural detox

Regular Price: €18.86

Special Price €15.10

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    Food of the future.

  • Antioxidant and metabolic booster.
  • Bio Curcuma (Curcumin) and black pepper.
  • Natural detox and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Helps strengthen body’s natural resistance forces.*
  • Helps ease the disposal of metabolic waste and supports the digestive system.*  
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SEX More “Blue” Power

Regular Price: €19.38

Special Price €15.50

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  • Natural Man Potency Switch.*
  • Bio aphrodisiacs helps fighting low libido.*
  • Helps maintain the normal testosterone levels.*
  • Increases potency and lends a hand to sex drive.*
  • Helps control premature ejaculation.*
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BURN Boosts metabolism

Regular Price: €21.94

Special Price €19.74

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    Reduce fat.*

  • Natural Unisex thermogenic fat burner formula + Guarana
  • Stimulates melting of fat deposits, helps decrease body weight and induces fat calorie burning.*
  • Reduction of bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.*
  • Positive effect on gas and bloating.*
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PAPA Helps improve the regenerative capacity

Regular Price: €27.56

Special Price €24.80

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    For future fathers.

  • Microelement combination for the male reproductive system.
  • Amino acids, vitamins, taurine, fructose and glutathione.
  • Helps improve sperm quality - count and mobility, viscosity and volume.*
  • Helps the evolution of healthy sperm.*
  • PAPA can improve the chances of conception.*
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