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Natural support for the urinary tract
Made in Germany 100% Quality and Innovation Made in Germany 100% Quality and Innovation Premium Ingredient Selection Premium Ingredient Selection Urologist Approved Urologist Approved

    Feel the pleasure again.

  • Alkaline balance and antibacterial effect formula.
  • Affects diseases of the urinary system.*
  • Enhances the dissolution of kidney stones.*
  • Useful for people with conditions associated with the acidic pH of the blood and the urine.
  • Diabetics friendly.
Safe GMP Food Safe GMP Food GMO Free GMO Free Vegan Friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten Free Gluten Free Lactose Free Lactose Free
Active Ingredients3 capsules 
(daily dose)
Active Ingredient% Recommended
daily intake NRV*
Goldenrod extract  510 mg 25.5 polyphenols  **
White birch leaves extract  405 mg   **
Nettle leaves extract  210 mg 4.2 mg silica **
Cranberry concentrate  90 mg   **
White asparagus ground  90 mg   **

*  Percentage of recommended daily intake, according to EU Regulation №. 1169/2011

** No EU recommendation for reference values available. 

Freedom is not having to live within a limit. It’s being two places at once and never missing a beat of your own drum.

It starts here.

Each FREE capsule is a combination of complementary nutritional supplements for reducing the acidity of urine and maintaining the acid-base balance in the body. If you suffer or have ever suffered from diseases of the urinary system - kidney stones, gout, acute and chronic urinary tract infections you might be prone to high acidity of the urine and need to actively take care of the pH levels in your body (the normal range is 6.0 and 7.0)

FREE can be applied as a urine alkalinization agent that helps kidney stones (which are formed with acidic pH) degrade faster.

Advantages of FREE:

  • A great preventative measure for kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  • Contains complementary and reinforcing active substances.
  • Easy and convenient to take (capsules).
  • Suitable for prolonged use.
  • You can take it in combination with any other drug. No side effects.
  • Enhances the effects of antibiotics.
  • Suitable for diabetics (does NOT contain sugar).


  • Diuretic action.
  • Anti-bacterial action.
  • Anti-inflammatory action.
  • Antigout action.
  • Astringent action.
  • Antispasmodic action.

Food supplement with herbal extracts. 

Suggested Usage: Take three (3) capsules daily with plenty of fluids. 

Contents of one package: 90 Veggie Caps

*The results that can be accomplpished with FREE depend on the combination with appropriate diet, healthy way of living, appropriate physical activity and overal care for the body. The above-mentioned benefits and effects from FREE vary with different recepients and other external factors.




Goldenrod is used to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation), as a diuretic to increase urine flow, and to stop muscle spasms.The benefits of goldenrod to the kidneys, urinary track, skin, and cardiovascular system are impressive.

White birch

Birch tree contains powerful diuretic properties that help in flushing out harmful toxins, uric acid, and excess water from the body. It also helps in maintaining good kidney and liver health. It acts anti-inflammatory against urine tract infections.


Nettle has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Nettle inhibits pro-inflammatory molecules, which trigger inflammations in the body. Nettle leaf is very high in Chlorophyll and Vitamins C and A. It contains trace minerals and is also known as a blood purifier.

White asparagus

It is used to treat urinary tract infections and other conditions that cause pain and swelling. Good source of Vitamin K. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and serves as a natural diuretic. High in Vitamin B1 and Thiamine.


Proven as a natural diuretic and antioxidant, the cowberry helps with cystitis, escherichia coli, candida, gastritis and peptic ulcer. Prevents infections by acting as a barrier to bacterias in the urinary tract. And it's good for the kidneys.

Free Delivery over 40EUR. Multipurpose products. Natural ingredients.
GMO, Gluten and Lactose Free. 100% German Quality. Full Range of Supplements.
Easy Returns.
Cases of urinary discomfort.  Antibacterial effect formula.



Ingredients: Goldenrod extract (5% polyphenols), white birch extract 4:1, nettle leaves extract (2% silica), cranberry concentrate powder, white asparagus concentrate powder, release agent: Magnesium stearate, Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (plant). 

Suggested Usage: Take three (3) capsules daily with plenty of fluids. 

Contents of one package: 90 Veggie Caps

Nutrition factsfor 
100 grams
3 capsules
(daily dose)
Energy 103 kcal / 433 kJ 2 kcal / 8 kJ
Total Fat <0,1 g <0,1 g
Of which Saturated fatty acids      <0,1 g <0,1 g
Carbohydrates 22,8 g 0,37 g
Of which Sugars 0,22 g <0,1 g
Fibers 0,97 g <0,1 g
Proteins 0,66 g <0,1 g
Salt 0,27 g <0,1 g

All values are subject to fluctuations normal for all natural products. 

Weight: 48.2 grams

This product does not contain GMO and gluten.
The packaging materials used are in line with the European Regulation on food contact materials. 

Important information:
This food supplement is not a replacement for balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle. 
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Keep away from little children. 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry and dark place. Close tightly after each use.  



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