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The first step to your dream body
is not on the cross trainer.

Day-to-day Weight loss — a gentle, effective addition to your daily regimen for complete and healthy weight loss. Enjoy the maintenance of a slim figure.

The Yo-yo dieting

Losing weight is a hard task but stay slim is even harder. Often we suffer the Yo-yo effect and we gain weight again. SLIM is a food supplement which does not make impossible promises for a fast slimming but helps body reduce weight gradually and lastingly. No more Yo-yo dieting and no side effect.

How to achieve lasting weight loss?

With effective multi action formula. SLIM simultaneously decreases your level of body fat, regulates metabolism and helps strengthen the muscles.


What else is SLIM good at?

  • Keeps cellulite far away from your figure
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Increases the oxygen supply to muscles
  • Gives energy, without the compromising valuable proteins
  • Has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect

What’s the secret behind SLIM?

t contains 100% Organing Ning Hong tea, a Chinese classic, known as“King of the teas” – for easy and lasting weight loss. The organic Ning Nong tea has an antioxidant action and is considered as one of the secrets of rejuvenation.
SLIM is a complete complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

When is good to begin? Start now!

SLIM doesn’t mean starving or choose between time with friends and gym time.

SLIM is the state of mind and body everyone deserves. You only need to take a little everyday care of yourself to complete your goals - slim figure, free mind and healthy body.