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RELAX relieves streess, soothes the 
nervous system and improves sleep.

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Concentration, energy and better sleep.

All in a capsule.

Why are we so stressed?

Stress comes when we realize that it's getting harder to cope with our everyday tasks. It is known that 70% of all diseases have stress as a cause. Stress is usually a result from the modern city life with all the tension, overcrowding, traffic, noise, threats etc.

RELAX Capsules:

  • Decrease fatigue and exhaustion, keep the normal function of the immune system.*
  • Help bring good mood back into your routine.*
  • Increase body’s resistance.*
  • Help relieve symptoms caused by psychological problems.*
  • Help you sleep easy.*
  • Supports blood pressure increases during nervous conditions.*
  • Effective with mild depression.*

How RELAX helps?

RELAX is an all-natural product that helps relief stress and acts to soothe the nervous system. It has a calming, analgesic, antianxiety and antispasmodic effect. RELAX can improve the mood, reduce anxiety and fatigue, and affect favorably nervous tension and irritability. Bring balance back into your life. Control your state.



Rutin, a type of bioflavonoid, is found in black tea, buckwheat bran, many citrus fruits and even apple skins. Rutin helps the body utilize vitamin C and produce collagen. It is an antioxidant, that fights damaging free radicals in the body and neutralizes them.


Cocoa extract helps improve cognitive and motor functions. It reduces the risk of heart diseases and supports heart health. Further, the high theobromine content promotes fat metabolism, and is synergistic with caffeine in accelerating fat breakdown.


Passionflower is used for sleep disorders (insomnia), gastrointestinal upset related to anxiety or nervousness and general anxiety. It is also widely used for lowering blood pressure as it contains anthocyanin.