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SLIM + BURN Bundle

Weight loss & Fat Burner!

SLIM + BURN Bundle
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This package includes a combination of SLIM and BURN supplements. It is designed for people who want to be in optimal shape while losing weight, thanks to the ingredients of SLIM and build excess fat with the thermogenic fat burner BURN.


  • Helps regulation of the metabolism of carbs and fats and helps keep up optimal body detoxification.
  • Decreases your level of body fat and helps your liver process fats.
  • It assists restore skin elasticity in an effective way.
  • Effectively maintains skin elasticity.
  • Smooths the contours of hips and thighs and keeps cellulite far away from your figure.
  • It has an anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect which is great for kidneys and goes easy on your urinary tract.
  • Promotes oxygen flow to the muscles and provides energy without damaging valuable proteins.
  • It can be combined with diets and diets for weight loss.


  • The thermogenic formula stimulates the rapid melting of fat deposits, decreases body weight and induces extreme fat calorie burning.
  • Sinetrol is a citrus fruit extract that has the ability to assist metabolism and digestion, as well as the full use of fats in the metabolic processes, and helps maintain good health and appearance.
  • The green coffee extract has a strong antioxidant action, which supports the reduction of bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Chlorogenic acid in green coffee helps reduce annoying gas and bloating.
  • Acai berry contains many proteins and amino acids and is considered to be a powerful immune stimulator and antioxidant. It helps improve metabolism and the burning of body fat and additionally contributes to normalizing the function of the gastrointestinal tract. It also supports blood circulation and regulates the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • The concentration of antioxidants in white tea is three times higher than in green coffee. It diminishes fat cells and inhibits the production of new fat cells. Talk about power
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