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07 11 2016

Winter colds be damned!


Immune-boosting foods and what to cut from your diet this winter to prevent colds.

Don’t shoot the messenger but it turns out that alcohol consumption has strong potential of putting you at risk of either contracting the flu virus or “catching a cold”. Nightcaps and alcohol in the second part of the day end up interfering with your sleep cycles and especially affect REM sleep. Read more about the importance of REM sleep from a scientific source. When our bodies feel sleep deprived we are more prone to contract viruses because we feel weaker.

Tea like there’s no tomorrow. Sipping tea has a four-fold effect on your health. First of all, it hydrates your body, which is absolutely essential to flush out toxins via the lymph system. Breathing in steam from your tea stimulates the hair follicles in your nose and the cilia in your throat to move out germs more effectively. (Side note, cigarettes do the opposite.) Commonly, herbal teas are taken with lemon and honey, which thins mucous and acts as antibacterial lotion, respectively.

Spice up your immune system with Vitamin C? Word on the street is that chili peppers actually contain more Vitamin C than oranges! A half-cup of chili peppers contains over 100 mg while 1 orange contains a bit over 60 mg. If you’re sensing that you’re feeling under the weather, start cooking spicy and use chili peppers as much as you can. One trendy way to add chilis is to sprinkle them over hot chocolate on chilly autumn afternoons.

The best cold and flu remedies are the natural ones.

Every time a doctor feels the need to resort to prescribing antibiotics for a common cold, honey, ginger and lemon shout “I told you so!” Most common colds can be prevented or hindered from becoming more serious by this amazing list of natural home remedies from one of our favorite websites, Everyday Roots, that you can keep handy for the days you feel a little off. Keep your immune system strong by integrating the right herbs, spices and salve in order to do one little thing each day to help your body fight against viruses lurking at the office, on the playground or the crowded subway car.

Another way to combat flu and colds are essential oils. Did you know that there are more than 20 oils which can prevent colds and make you feel better? Our friends from Morning Chores made this incredible list of essential oils which can be very effective when you feel the first symptoms.  

Care for yourself regularly if you want to stay protected.

There are numerous ways you could be putting yourself at risk of getting a cold or contracting the flu. So, how do you make sure you are combatting early signs of colds or, better yet, preventing them altogether on an ongoing basis? Professionals with busy schedules, those with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and careful parents who want their children to have a regular intake of the nutrients their immune systems need to stay healthy have discovered Vital Concept’s food supplements FOREVER  and HEALTH. These two incredible formulas combine organic ingredients like apricot pits, parsley, berries and echinacea to provide everything our bodies need to keep viruses away in one daily pill. Anyone can easily incorporate a food supplement into their schedule and reap the benefits of feeling healthy all year long, no matter the weather.



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