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02 02 2017

Why your New Year’s Resolutions should Also Include Some Relax

We’ve heard it said that life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Without one missing piece to manoeuvre around the board, there is no way to put the other pieces in order. In any person’s day, there should always be an empty square, within which imagination, peace and relax can reign in order for the other elements of one’s way of life to fall into place. That’s not just us talking, it’s science! Don’t believe us? Check out these reasons for integrating at least one space of time for “nothing” in your daily routine.



You’ll lower your stress levels and prevent anxiety.

People who suffer from severe or mild anxiety have discovered the power of meditation because they have noticed that it forces them to relax at least once a day. What they also notice is the amazing effect it has on the way they function throughout the day. Natural herb teas in combination with organic food supplements that include ingredients such as  passionflower extract (like Vital Concept’s RELAX capsules) can predispose the body to counteract nervousness and symptoms of physical and physiological stress.



No more insomnia.

Some people read, others count sheep, but relaxing before bed is the highway to sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep. Clearing your head for a couple of minutes to an entire hour before falling asleep gets you in the right kind of zen zone. Soothing nature sounds or making sure to move your cellphone out of your bedroom (to keep radio signals, wifi signals and other invisible waves from disturbing you while you rest) are practical additions to your pre-bedtime rituals in order to achieve some high-quality relaxation.



No more mood swings.

Consciously forcing your body to loosen actually relaxes your muscles and helps you focus your mind inward. This technique can help you reflect on your current mood and detach you from impulsive inclinations. Relaxation can actually help you be more rational and stop swinging from happy to sad and back again four times a day.



You will find it easier to recall things and concentrate on your daily tasks.

Need to be 110% of yourself? Finding a way to get in touch with your chakra will help. Experts say that activities such as yoga and even (adult) colouring can help relax the brain and make it more conducive to focus on the completion of daily tasks for longer periods of time. Both activities are low stakes and uncompetitive. The former helps focus on the self while the other can flow attention away from the self in an exercise of externalizing negativity and stress.



Reduce your chances of serious illness.

Heart attacks and strokes are often, in part, a result of a lifetime of stress. Long periods of anxiety and pressure can put a lot of strain on our bodies, physically and mentally.

If you want to actively pursue your goals in a sustainable way, put your body in a state of relax at least once a day. For example, when people are in a daydreaming state—in a state of serenity and calm—their brains settle into what scientists call the default mode network (or DMN). This state allows different parts of the brain to communicate with each other and carry out essential processes that help further develop mental health and overall wellbeing.

Whether it’s yoga, adult colouring, or good old meditation in combination with Vital Concept’s specifically-crafted RELAX supplement, your body needs rest and if you don’t make relaxation a priority, you’ll end up neglecting an essential element of your own health.  


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