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13 12 2016

What kinds of supplements are right for your age?

Depending on your health condition, gender and age, there are various different ingredients you should be looking for when selecting the right supplement to complement your daily routine. There are a number of considerations to be mindful of when you curate your daily food supplement and vitamin schedule. Let’s break down the important categories and what you should be looking for in a supplement based on your gender and age.

If you’re a woman from 20 to 40 years old or an adolescent you have the particular advantage of integrating the right food supplements into your regimen early on and allowing them to effectively influence the way your healthy, balanced body develops in the later stages of your life. At this age, you have a natural glow that you should boost and help maintain using the nourishing powers of ingredients such as curcuma. Additionally, you want to stimulate the creation of healthy probiotic bacteria in the body, almost all of which can be found in Vital Concept’s Balance food supplement.

For women 50-60 years of age, it becomes more important to take care of the look of skin, nails and hair in order to ensure they keep their shine and healthy appearance. Soothing and hydrating agents such as Aloe Vera and Q10 are must-haves if you are seeking the wow effect. If you need to turn back time - you can also try YOLO - it slows down ageing and has a possitive effect on skin and reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles.  

At this age, most women will experience the symptoms of menopause, which creates the need for supplements that can alleviate some of the discomfort of this transition and support estrogen balance. Any supplements containing soy and red clover are a sure match for this stage because of their regenerative qualities and beneficial cardiovascular effects. These two ingredients make up ⅓ of the formula we use to make Vital Concept’s Woman.

Senior ladies over 60 years of age should focus on nutrient intake that could strengthen their bones with high quantities of calcium and anything that would help boost their immune system to prevent any lurking viruses. All capsules of Vital Concept’s Forever supplement are tiny yet powerful cocktails of parsley leaves to fight cholesterol, maca for calcium and energy, acerola for collagen synthesis and, last but not least, the ancient plant called amaranth for a daily dose of an essential protein used in the creation of new cells.

Young men between 20-35 can easily be regarded as in one of the most active, if not the most active period of their lives. What they require most during this stage is strength, endurance and speed, to be able to overcome their professional challenges, their physical quests and everything in between. The popular goji berry contains tons of vitamins and anti-aging amino acids and has 500 times more vitamin C than oranges. Guarana is also an incredible ingredient you can find in supplements like Vital Concept’s Power to boost athletic performance and reduce fatigue.

Men over 35 often end up cultivating extremely busy lifestyles, combining supporting their families, seeking professional achievements as well as taking responsibility for aspects of maintaining the family home. To balance the stress of these duties, they need to make sure they are getting much-needed, quality rest and a good night’s sleep regularly. A combination of cocoa, passionflower and the bioflavonoid rutin, like the one that makes up our Relax supplement for emotional balance, can do the trick. These ingredients help improve cognitive functions and soothe anxiety as well as insomnia. To make sure you’re getting more rich-element organic superfoods, such as spirulina microalgae, in your diet, try incorporating Vital Concept’s Food into your day-to-day supplement intake. It contains one of the biggest sources of proteins and vital nutrients necessary to stimulate the immune system

Men over 50+ will need a natural wellness formula that can help them maintain their stamina at an age when their immune systems will be more prone to contracting viruses and flus that could develop into more serious health conditions. Vital Concept’s Health is a secret sauce of cranberries, echinacea, ginger, reishi mushrooms and coral calcium that helps in the production of antibodies and increases the body’s resistance to viruses.

While almost all food supplements in the VC spectrum will help you maintain your body’s natural balance and maintain wellness throughout your life, it helps to know what your body will need most at each stage. So read up and be mindful of the signs your body is giving you about its health.


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