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24 02 2017

Conquer the 26-Week Navy SEAL Training

We recently came across a 26-week training guide for people who want to go from a state of average physical fitness to a physical state in which they could actually stand a chance of passing the Navy Seal fitness exam. The 11-page guide that we got our hands on outlines the lengthy program of swimming, running and some strength exercises in great detail, discussing what exercises should be completed each day of the week (no days off!). It also includes some tips for warm-ups that might make the process easier as well as a complementary diet that will help your body get into shape for the exam. Even if you never end up taking or passing the exam, this guide is a carefully tailored experiment with which you can challenge your fitness regime and see how far you can take your own resilience.


Download the guide here.


The guide assumes that anyone who undertakes the 26-week program is of average physical fitness, so you don’t have to be very fit when you begin, the program is made to build on your existing strengths and help you develop them. We decided to write about the various ways you can give your body the nutrients it needs while you develop your physique.


But first, check out these “7 Motivational Navy SEAL Sayings Will Kick Your Butt Into Gear” coming directly from the Navy SEALS themselves and meant to give you an idea of how rigorous any program they have curated is bound to be. No illusions, you’re going to need to stay motivated in tough times!


Vital Concept’s POWER was made to help your body keep up with any physical fitness that requires targeted power, endurance and speed. Its formula was specifically made for balanced recovery after demanding regular workouts. Our capsules contain L-Carnitine to help the body burn fat as an energy source as well as the nutrient L-Glutamine to create a suitable environment for muscle tissue to build and regenerate. That means no nasty muscle aches and pains post-workout! Some other good stuff you can look forward to in the ingredient list of POWER are the Quinoa, Guarana and Goji Berry that act as sources of energy.


Double Magnesium is one of those supplementary essentials that has the potential to stabilize the mineral and electrolyte balance in any system by keeping nerves and muscles supple. In addition to being natural antioxidants, magnesium levels that are within the norm can help the heart pump out blood efficiently while you test the limits of your physical fitness. When it comes to prolonged, high-intensity physical fitness, magnesium can also help deliver necessary oxygen to all of the cells in the body and plays an important role in the formation of cartilage and collagen to keep joints strong.


It might not seem like your typical organic sports supplement, but our FOOD capsules were made to boost your strength and immunity to adverse natural elements, whatever you choose to undertake. Food for the soul is much different than food for the body. That is why we made a spirulina-based natural food supplement to make sure anyone can get the protein they need to be able to push their body beyond any challenging frontier and reach new heights, not just at the gym. The blue-green algae called Spirulina is Gisele Bundchen’s (and other workout-savvy public figures) go-to source of energy because it contains valuable amino acids, vitamins (especially B12), minerals, unsaturated fatty acids and is very high in chlorophyll.

Whether you’ve decided to go for it and try out for the Navy SEALS or just want to test how far you can take your body while staying healthy and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, Vital Concept has aimed to create complimentary organic food supplements to help you stay on track while you aim for the stars.


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